Why do Memphis Homeowners Need Insurance?


Memphis Homeowners Need Insurance, Everyone works very hard in order to achieve their dream of owning a house. For some people, it is considered as a very priceless possession, that’s why they will do everything to protect it and make it last for a long time. However, the notion of “disaster” or natural calamities is just around the corner and we will never predict its occurrence.

For those who live in Memphis, applying for a home insurance is not realized except that fire, typhoon, earthquake and other disasters have already destroyed their houses. Aside from Memphis Auto Insurance, home coverage allows its holders to secure their property’s worth and be entitled of the benefits if fire or flood takes place.

House on storm

Getting the best home insurance policy

There are different insurance companies in Memphis Tennessee, and most of them claims of having an affordable deal. Before you avail a home insurance policy, it is best to compare several quotes so you can analyze the best deals based on its terms and conditions.

Here’s what a standard home insurance policy contains:

Loss of personal items:

It involves 50% - 70% compensation for appliances, furniture and clothes that have been stolen or loss during disaster. In case of disaster, keep a physical inventory and documentation of your possessions and store them safely away from premises.

Architectural Damage:

reimbursements to rebuild your home depends if they are damaged by any of the disasters (fire, earthquake and typhoon) that are listed in the policy.


it entitles financial protection against third party bodily or property injury the insurance holder might cause. This policy usually starts roughly at $100,000, but most experts recommend carrying at least three times that amount.

Additional Living Expenses:

This type of policy will be the one responsible for miscellaneous expenses if in case you’re forced to evacuate elsewhere while your home is being fixed. There are various factors that determine home insurance policy cost and they depend on how prone your neighborhood is to natural disasters, crime rate and the actual square footage of your house. For first time home insurance applicants, It is suggested to analyze the policies before signing the contract.

The time to get home insurance policy is now!

Home insurance is one of the wisest investments you can make after you purchase your house. Don’t underestimate its benefits because they will save you from headaches in the future. Here in Kellet Insurance Agency, we believe that everyone is entitled of reasonable home insurance rate because we want to make you feel that we value your homes.  What are you waiting for? Call us today and secure your future!



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