Why Memphis’ Drivers Must Invest in Car Insurance

Car Insurance for Memphis

The overwhelming arrival of the New Year has left Memphis drivers on the edge of their seats. As we move closer to the month of February, it’s never too late to seek for opportunities that can help us protect our properties and investments in the long run.

Good news to all interested individuals who want to avail auto insurance in Memphis, as a well known insurance review in the US found out that car insurance rate declined by 3.5% this year.

This means that 2013 is a great time to shop for insurance because many savvy consumers and drivers can now take advantage of new rates to save money on insurance premiums by means of purchasing new policies.

This is also a relief for many consumers as they expect rates to continue to decline or be stable all throughout the year. Aside from this good news, here are several reasons why you should include car insurance in your investment list with the help of  Mr. Gary Kellet, owner of a car insurance agency from Memphis.

It helps in securing businesses

Believe it or not, private drivers are not only the one who can benefit from car insurance. Businessmen who apply for a commercial auto insurance are given the opportunity to transport their products and facilities not only in Memphis but also nationwide if they choose to avail a comprehensive car insurance.


According to businessmen who are mostly involved in a vehicle rental business, their commercial car insurance protects them against the liabilities which resulted from tough road conditions, bad weather and instances that are simply out of a driver’s control.

It teaches responsible teenage driving

According to finance experts, car insurance improves the insurability of a teenager’s car. Aside from giving long-term advantage in case they want to purchase a new car, this will also make them more aware in obeying the traffic rules and regulation set by different states.


During last year’s survey, a research company found out that teenagers age 16-19 were likely involve in road accidents because of being aggressive and adventurous. Investing for auto insurance is the most effective way of instilling responsibility while educating them about the “cons” of reckless driving.

It safeguards you from car frauds and thefts

During 2012, Auto insurance frauds became a disturbing issue in America. Aside from contributing to the increasing cost of different clients’ insurance premiums, it is also linked to the people’s mistrust to car insurance agencies.

However, 2013 promises a bright future for individuals who want to avail a premium from Memphis’ based auto insurance because they are honest and committed more than ever to serve and provide their community the best auto insurance policies that will safeguard car owners from frauds and theft.