Important Questions You Should Ask your Agent
about your Car insurance in Memphis

Insurance agents consider inquiries as tool to measure a buyer’s genuine interest in having car insurance in Memphis.

These questions are very important indicators that point towards the client’s purchase decision.

Asking the right questions will help new drivers understand the concepts under various policies so they will never have to start from square one. Remember, if you have long and established relationship with your insurance provider, you will never be hesitant to ask questions, however, if you are a newbie when it comes to this one, you better look for a Memphis car insurance company that you will be comfortable with.

In getting a car insurance quote, individuals should be prepared to ask the necessary questions in order to get an affordable auto insurance that will greatly satisfy their needs.

However, if you don’t really have any idea about what questions to ask in acquiring a car insurance, we listed some important questions to ask, to make sure that everything will be settled properly when it comes to car insurance technicalities and agreements.

Where is your office located so we can meet personally?

With the rise of internet marketing, it is very easy to build company websites that talk about business profiles. However, when it comes to complicated matters, the personal visibility of an memphis insurance agent matters because this is where credibility and sometimes trust takes place.

Agents who are proactive in meeting their clients in person receive good reviews in customer service and network marketing. So if you’re going to purchase an insurance policy for the first time, ask for the office location to talk about things further. In addition, office location also shows that the company is legitimate and capable of providing your car coverage needs.

What are your valid experiences as an agent?

According to Mr. Gary Kellet, Memphis’ Auto Insurance owner, you need to ask this question because it’s a way of validating an agent’s overall expertise and reputation in the memphis car insurance industry.

When will my policy last?

It is very important to know the expiration date of specific terms and plans and how much it would cost to renew it in case you're planning to reapply. It is also advised to check if these terms will last for 5, 10 or 20 more years.

What are the policies covered under the contract?

While asking this question, carefully list down the coverage in details in case unforeseen events occur. You also need to verify the policies that are included in the contract. Sometimes, floods, earthquakes and acts of war are not covered.  So, you have to be very clear about that.

Can I switch my policy if needed?

You need to clarify if changing for a certain policy has an additional cost and if you’re allowed to change for a policy because other company offers flexible coverage depending on your plans.

These questions are part of Kellet Insurance Agency’s commitment in providing their various clients  the most comprehensive coverage at the best possible price.

Furthermore, we value these inquiries to build good relationships to our clients in Memphis, TN. For all your Memphis Car insurance needs.  If you’re looking for professional and courteous insurance agent, don’t hesitate to contact us today and we will be there to serve your needs.

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