How to Avoid Getting Your
Memphis Car Insurance Cancelled or Suspended

How to Avoid Getting Your Memphis Car Insurance Cancelled or Suspended


After spending a significant amount of money, you wouldn’t want to get it suspended or cancelled immediately. You may think these cannot be revoked but it can actually be removed if you have certain violations.

Cancelling your car insurance for your own personal reasons are fine and manageable but getting it suspended can put you in a delicate situation.

Reasons for Suspension

There are several reasons how you could be suspended and here are some of them:

Falsification of data

Don’t think you can get away from submitting wrong information on your applications and other files. All documents submitted are checked thoroughly and verified. Any erroneous claims and facts can be grounds of suspension or cancellation of your license. Be careful when filling up forms and avoid typographical errors as these little mistakes can lead to huge problems for you.

DUI conviction

No matter which state you are, DUI is a strong offense and you could not only land in jail but also lose your insurance. Drunk-driving is one of the major problems in the road and it is addressed by having these laws take effect and observed in a strict manner.

Too many accidents

Don’t be such a reckless driver. Having insurance may guarantee you protection and compensation but that doesn’t excuse you to cause havoc in the road. Be careful when driving and always follow policies.


Several insurance are paid in installments and failure to do so regularly is counted as an offense. When availing of a car insurance, make sure you have the budget and a steady source of income.

What to do when your insurance is cancelled

Suspension of license usually follows steps such as being notified by your insurance company. Verify their reasons for suspension and make sure you are not being scammed. If you feel that the suspension is invalid, you can appeal to them or even take them to court. Suspensions are usually only temporary so you will still be able to get a license in the future.

But even though suspended auto insurance in Memphis are only temporary it can still have a negative effect in acquiring a new one. Car insurance agencies will have doubts in trusting you with a new insurance. Suspended insurances can also mean additional fees and costs for getting a new one.

Don’t let your insurance slip away easily. Observe proper road rules and practice safe driving.


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