How to Avoid Different Memphis Auto Insurance Frauds

“Their honesty speaks a lot about their commitment in their auto insurance premiums”.

This is how a famous auto insurance company in America, described 95% of their customers who submit their claims with transparency and with no intentions of committing frauds.

However, we can’t bypass the fact that there are still abusive people who want to take advantage of claiming their memphis auto insurance coverage by means of fraudulent acts. As an educated driver, you must be responsive of these incidents by paying close attention to scams and illegal activities that they can do against you.

What is Auto Insurance Fraud?

According to Mr. Gary Kellet, owner of a Memphis’ Auto Insurance agency, frauds concerning different vehicles occur when an individual intentionally cause an accident or injury using his car in order to take advantage of your memphis auto insurance.

Memphis Auto insurance frauds are becoming a disturbing issue in America with reports telling that it massively contribute to the cost of various clients’ insurance premium; specifically those honest and innocent individuals.

As vehicle owner, being familiar about diverse scenarios and styles of scam artists will protect you against these unacceptable wrong doings. To help you even more, this blog will discuss tips on how to avoid different car insurance frauds not only for those who reside in Memphis, but also to the other parts of the United States.

Be aware of happenings in your community

Perhaps, one of our most practical weapon against different car insurance frauds is our awareness of the recent events, vehicle related crimes and thefts in our community. You can check out local newspapers, television and radio news that discusses the latest “modus operandi” about car insurance frauds.

Set your records straight

If injured due to an involvement in a car accident, always remember to keep detailed records of your medical bills, pictures of the incident and police reports carefully in case the auto insurance begins to investigate for the claim.

Maintain your honesty in driving and filing a claim

In MemphisAuto insurance companies  as well  other states pays highest respect to those motorists who obey different traffic rules and regulation, while still consistently pay their annual insurance claims.

These admirable acts can also be a sign of fair evaluation, in case a driver was involved in an accident committed due to auto insurance frauds. Needless to say, having a clean driving record and transparency in paying your premium is the best way to avoid auto insurance frauds.


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